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Ariana just bought a shiny new sparkly orange hamer newport semi-hollow bodied electric guitar.. yes, an electric guitar! Next time you come out to see her play it will be a whole new experience...

Ariana's song "Second Guess" placed 5th out of thousands of songs in's unsigned band contest. If she had won, she would have received a $250,000 dollar record contract!

Ariana's song "So Sorry Now" has been nominated for the Just Plain Folks Songwriter's Association's best contemporary song award!

Now you can listen to Ariana's music on several mp3 radio stations, including the one she created herself called Ariana's favorite MP3's It features some of Ariana's songs as well as some other songs from her favorite mp3 artists, all of whom can also be seen in and around the NYC area..

"Good writing, smooth picking, ..I really liked your stuff!"

Meg Griffin, DJ, 90.7 WFUV FM

"[4-Play]is great!..send another copy to the station's library because I am keeping this one for my personal collecton..." 

Andras Jones, DJ, WKLAS (Olympia, WA)

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Live performance review reprinted from the August 1998 issue of "Rhythm and News" Magazine

Common Sense Cafe, Port Chester, Friday July 10
When you've seen hundreds of shows and things start to seem a bit...well...dry, its the sheer errant chance that you'll run into something special that keeps you in the car, driving to that next club or coffeehouse.

And every now and then, somewhere out there in the dark, you come upon a true revelation.

Ariana Daner is a revelation.

Paying homage to idols like Jewel and Ani DiFranco in song intros and by choice of the few covers she performs, the young, gifted Daner radiates a casual intimacy that is reminiscent of her heroines. But she has a vocal style that is distinctly her own- a particularly refreshing attribute in an underground folk scene that seems to have posted a Joan Osborne voice and Alanis Morissette looks as the main requirements for access to the stage.

It is the quality of her songwriting, though, that most distinguishes Daner songs. The Common Sense crowd punctuated its rapt attention only at the last, faded note of each song, listening carefully to every word and then enthusiastically applauding the content as well as the performance. It was a remarkable mix of respect and admiration, both of which are in sadly short supply these days for talented artists.

High points of the set included a ruefully funny satire called "Heaven" and "Carnival" a wistful love song. The former, shyly introduced as "sarcastic", is in fact a ringing put-down of religious hypocrisy, addressing the pseudo-spiritual with lines like "God must really like to talk to you/'Cause you're the one with fan mail and a TV show."

An aching inbocation of romance gone wrong, the slower, sadder "Carnival" is an eerie wisp of a song, translating into words and music the half-forgotten highs and lows that are often all the remains of the fractured past.

Such translation of experience into entertainment is uniquely powerful, and, as the din of a hundred other shows fades away, uniquely enduring as well.

-Patrick Walsch

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